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Yoga means union. It takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists. Is the moment when your spirit,your body and your breath are synchronized. Is the moment when you have to face yourself. To know yourself. It is said that "the yoga pose you avoid the most, you need the most". Through yoga practice you can have self control,self knowledge and that can boost your self esteem. It is difficult to have control for what's happening around you but it is essential to have control for what's happening inside you. You live with you, so make it count! Respect and love yourself.

The goal of yoga is to unreil the layers from the outside world to your inner self . Around us, there are 5 walls that we need to break so that we can reach our inner, deepest self and find happiness. Outside is the wall of Physical, then Energy, Mental, Wisdom and Bliss. We start to break them from outside to inside. The most difficult to break, is Mental wall, which is the wall of our mind. You can easily free your body and your breath but not to free your mind.Make peace with who you are and fill yourself with healing energy. Quiet your mind and you will realize that everything you need is already within you. We are one.


Katerina Anagnostou

Katerina is a graduate of the Theatrical department of the University of Peloponnese with a master’s degree in dance theatre. From a very young age she fell in love with rhythmic gymnastics, which she had followed for almost 10 years.

Nowadays, she is a yoga instructor(200hr YTT) , ready to take care of your body, your mind and your soul! Her free spirit and her love for life and freedom will guide you to rediscover yourself and take control of your inner self. Yoga is a personal reconstruction and self-determination, that offers you peace, calmness and breath control, among others.

Let yourself free to feel!


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