Saronic Activities deals with so many sports (Kayak, Mountain Bike, SUP, Cycling, Swimming, Hiking, Archery), thus we spend so much time, every day, next to the sea, mountains and trees. So, we feel obliged to protect our environment, beaches, trees and flowers, as a small “Thank You” to planet Earth for what was given to us.

So, apart from all the activities we offer, we also teach you how to be eco-responsible and act for the benefit of our planet!

During our Kayak lessons we collect litter we find in the sea. We also recycle all the plastic bottles that we collect.
On Hiking lessons, we plant -all together- a small tree, as a gift to our beautiful island, Poros.
We protect the environment, because it’s our future and wherever we pass by, we leave our “green mark”, because, this is our eco-philosophy!

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